Monday, February 22, 2016

                          Harlem Renaissance


The Harlem Renaissance was the movement to rise African American literature, Art, and Music, this movement was recognized at the time as "The New Negro movement". Harlem was a section in NYC where many African Americans visit to express their talent in art, literature, music, etc. The movement started when blacks realize that it was necessary to become active  in order to advance in society and give rights to blacks in america;racial equality would not occur its own. By the time negros(african americans) where very limited and many of them were not educated. Whites use to see blacks as incapable people to work in cultural skills. The Harlem renaissance help to stop the discrimination that most African American were suffering due to the difference in color and differences in social status.

Langston Hughes 

This man was one of the most important writers and thinkers in the Harlem renaissance. His works where base in his life in harlem and the way of living on many African Americans.
  1. Thanks to the harlem renaissance many african american moved to north 
  2.  The harlem renaissance help african american to be able to assert their humanity and demand equality during this era. 
  3. Also thanks to the harlem renaissance black artists produced a great body of literary work,painting,sculptures, music and performing arts.